Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pray for Peace

As you have probably heard, Pope Francis has invited Catholics, other Christians, and all people of good will to join together on Saturday, September 7th in a united moment of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria. Some have expressed a desire to pray in response to this call, but don't have access to a public service. The following resource (a very simple  version of Roman Catholic evening prayer) is meant to encourage you to gather as friends, especially in ecumenical groups, to pray. You can fill in the missing parts of evening prayer from any good online resource, or adapt it to your own liturgical tradition. (Many thanks to Fr. Gilles Mongeau, SJ, for this resource.)

Leader          O God, come to our assistance
People           Lord, make haste to help us

Opening Hymn

First Psalm: Psalm 84(85)
            Antiphon: "God speaks peace to the peoples"

Second Psalm: Psalm 45(46)
            Antiphon: "God, the maker of all things, is with us"

New Testament Canticle: Revelation 15:3-4

Reading: Ephesians 2:10-22

Silent Reflection

Magnificat (Canticle of Mary)
            Antiphon: "God's love reaches from age to age"


Our Father

Closing Prayer

Exchange of Peace

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